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State Rep. Pat Boy: Now we know who we are dealing with

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Pat Boy (D-Michigan City) today issued the following statement in response to Michigan City Mayor Duane Parry's racist comments caught on a voicemail sent to local spiritual leaders, who were calling for a meeting on local issues:

“When I heard the recording for myself, heard the voice of the man elected to serve and lead say such disrespectful and atrocious things of our city's spiritual leaders, I was appalled. There is no other word for it, but 'appalled.'

“Reverend James Lane and our city's other spiritual leaders wanted to have a constructive conversation on recent events, but they were met with blind disrespect. Anger and frustration are not excuses to perpetuate racism. Such comments are never acceptable and only serve to weaken us.

“These comments come on the tail end of racist events and comments within our own General Assembly. They add fuel to the fire that is burning down our state's foundation. Our legislative processes, whether local, state or federal level, rely on compromise. And compromise works best when both parties have respect and understanding between themselves.

“Now we know who we are dealing with. Mayor Parry has lost my respect and our city's trust. He has quite a long road ahead of him if he wants to earn it back. Michigan City must come together and hold Mayor Parry accountable for his actions. I urge our citizens to continue to be peaceful in their demonstrations. We are strong and capable of rising above the hate.”

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