State Rep. Pat Boy calls for more women in leadership, honors past achievements on International Women’s Day

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Pat Boy (D-Michigan City) today highlighted the need for more women in leadership roles while offering House Resolution 15, celebrating International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month. 

“We’ve had the vote now for 100 years, yet we’re still unable to pass legislation that substantially helps women,” Boy said.

“We can and must do better by putting more women in power and encouraging them to be at the forefront of policy decisions.” 

The final version of HR 15 was severely pared down from Boy's original intent by House Republicans, who cut language detailing the economic hardships faced by Hoosier women and women across the country.

Boy’s resolution comes during a particularly difficult time for women, with the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly widening the gender gap. Hoosier women still make only $0.75 for every dollar men receive. As the pandemic continues, more women are finding themselves falling out of work and back into the home, where they do the majority of the cooking, cleaning and parenting.

Women make up the majority of single-parent households, with over a third of these families living in poverty. 13.2% of women in Indiana currently live in poverty.

“When they are in charge, women consistently push for far more policies that support women, children and social welfare programs,” Boy said. “The issues we’re facing now began long before the pandemic and will continue to worsen after if we do not encourage more women to step in. 

“When our state faced troubles in the past, Hoosier women like Anita Bowser, Sgt. Nora Werner and Mamie Davis overcame gender stereotypes to support their communities and make lasting change. By reflecting on all of the great women in our history, my hope is that women feel empowered to take charge and advocate for issues affecting them, which is truly in the best interest of every Hoosier.”

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