State Rep. Beck will honor Breanne Zolfo with the Circle of Corydon Award on Oct. 13

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INDIANAPOLIS – Tomorrow, State Representative Lisa Beck (D-Lakes of the Four Seasons) will honor Breanne Zolfo with the Circle of Corydon Award after her local kindness campaign touched thousands of lives and garnered national attention. The award will be presented at the Crown Point chamber meeting tomorrow (Oct. 13).

The Circle of Corydon award was established in 2017 by Governor Eric Holcomb. It honors Hoosiers who have made remarkable contributions to the betterment of Indiana and its people, demonstrating through life and service, qualities exemplified by the state's greatest citizens. 

“On behalf of the Crown Point Chamber of Commerce, we are proud to see this award go to one of the kindest, most inspirational members of the community,” Crown Point Chamber President Alan Myszkowski said. “Her innate ability to lead by example is awe-inspiring and we are truly grateful to witness that type of leadership on an everyday basis. Some people preach about the world being a better place, but Bree goes out and does it. Congratulations to Bree! This award couldn't have gone to a more deserving recipient.” 

Breanne Zolfo opened Cafe Fresco seven years ago in Crown Point. Cafe Fresco employees started the tradition of jotting down inspirational quotes on coffee sleeves. A few years later, Zolfo began encouraging customers to perform real acts of kindness by writing suggestions for good deeds. If customers return with a photo or video of their selfless act, Cafe Fresco rewards them with a free coffee. Additionally, Cafe Fresco collects tips in a community love jar, which gets donated every week to a deserving person or organization. 

“There are few things more honorable than dedicating your life to the service of others,” Beck said. “Breanne's kindness and ingenuity transformed her successful business into a real change-maker here in Crown Point. The work of Cafe Fresco and the kindness campaign is truly the embodiment of the Circle of Corydon award. I am honored to be able to present this award to Breanne.”

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