State Rep. Beck to present Izayah Edwards with good citizen award today

Today, State Representative Lisa Beck (D-Lakes of the Four Seasons) will present the Good Citizen Award to Jewel-Osco bagger Izayah Edwards after his random act of kindness to a local senior citizen went viral. The local teenager will be awarded for 'demonstrating kindness and humility while on the job' after using $20 of his own money to help a struggling elderly customer pay for her $150 grocery bill. The presentation of the award will take place today (Oct. 6) at 4 p.m. CT at the Lake County Courthouse square in Crown Point.

Beck will present the award alongside Crown Point Mayor Dave Uran, Cafe Fresco owner and Community Love representative Breanna Zolfo, local 881 UFCW representative Anthony Malito, and representatives from the local Jewel-Osco and Jewel Corporate office.

“Izayah Edwards' compassion in this situation wasn't anything he expected to get recognition for, and we commend his actions,” Mike Withers, President Jewel-Osco said. “It reflects our commitment towards caring for the communities we serve and treating all Jewel-Osco customers with kindness and respect. We’re proud to have him on our team and thankful to the Mayor of Crown Point for the much deserved recognition.”

“The Good Citizen Awards are meant to honor and further inspire kindness and humility amongst our fellow neighbors,” Beck said. “Izayah is truly one of the best among us, as he acted without expectation of recognition, which is why I am all the more honored to present him with this award today. This young man is the embodiment of Hoosier hospitality, and I am thankful that his random act of kindness was able to bring light to our community.”

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