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State Rep. Andrade joins Pepsi drivers on picket line

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INDIANAPOLIS — State Representative Mike Andrade (D-Munster) will join Pepsi drivers all week at the Munster bottling facility as they go on strike for better worker-paid health insurance rates.

Currently, the worker-paid health insurance premium is $14 per week. Pepsi drivers are fighting to keep it at that rate; however, the multibillion-dollar soft drink manufacturer wants to raise the workers’ share by $20 a week each year until it reaches $81 per week by 2025. 

“I will always stand by our union brothers and sisters, whether it’s next to them on the picket line or representing them in the Statehouse,” Andrade said. “A company as wealthy as Pepsi should not burden their workers with such a high health insurance premium — a rate of $81 per week is unacceptable. 

“These workers feel like there is no other option but to strike, so I will be joining their fight because no Hoosier employee should have their hard-earned paycheck robbed by an unfair health insurance premium.”

Teamsters Local 142 is representing the union workers.

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