Klinker: State Budget Committee approves projects for Purdue University and Veterans’ Home

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Sheila Klinker (D-Lafayette) said the State Budget Committee gave its approval to several Purdue University projects as well one for the Indiana Veterans’ Home during the committee’s meeting today on the Indiana State University campus in Terre Haute.

“The projects are wide-ranging,” said Klinker, a member of the House Ways & Means Committee which is responsible for the state’s budget. “Purdue is looking ahead to ensure there is adequate housing for students as well as renovating current residence halls. A fiber-optic network cable installation was approved for buildings across the campus in addition to consent given for the renovation of sections of the Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry, the Physics Building, and the Heine Pharmacy Building.

“Additionally, the Veteran’s Home will get a campus-wide security camera update and expansion,” added Klinker. “I appreciate that the State Budget Committee members understand the importance of these improvements and are helping Purdue retain its status as one of the world’s outstanding universities. Likewise, I am pleased that our veterans will be more secure at the Veterans’ Home. We owe those heroes more than we could possibly repay them for their valor and sacrifice for our country.”

Klinker outlined the approved projects:

  • $10,064,692 public-private partnership to build two new residence halls
  • $4,750,000 Shreve Hall bathroom renovation, 1st-8th floors of the East Tower
  • $3,163,500 Fiber-optic network cable installation project for 50+ buildings
  • $3,135,000 Wetherill Laboratory of Chemistry exhaust hood replacement
  • $2,755,000 Physics Building HVAC renovation
  • $2,565,000 Heine Pharmacy Building HVAC renovation
  • $2,375,000 Hillenbrand Hall bathroom renovation and sewer replacement
  • $267,177 Indiana Veterans’ Home security camera update and expansion
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