Shackleford traffic amnesty legislation passes through committee

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INDIANAPOLIS – Legislation authored by Representative Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis) that would alleviate the financial burden on Hoosiers who are unable to pay traffic fines passed through the Indiana House Courts and Criminal Code Committee with a vote of 12-0.

House Bill 1141 would establish a temporary traffic amnesty program for citizens with suspended driver’s licenses due to unpaid traffic fines. In order for someone to participate in the amnesty program, a person must provide proof of insurance, be eligible for the reinstatement of driving privileges, and pay the remaining fees they owe at a discounted rate.

The level of financial assistance is based on the income level of the petitioner. For citizens with incomes greater than 125 percent of the federal poverty level (FPL), their total fees would be reduced by 50 percent, while individuals with an income less than 125 percent of the FPL will have fees reduced by 80 percent.

“There are currently an estimated 400,000 Hoosiers with a suspended driver’s license because of unpaid traffic fines and reinstatement fees,” Shackleford said. “When Hoosiers can’t drive, they can’t get to work and make enough money to pay off those fines and fees. This bill would break that cycle by empowering these Hoosiers to pay a fee they can afford to get their driver’s license back and get them back to work.”

House Bill 1141 will now move to the House floor for further consideration.

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