Republicans vote ‘no’ on State Rep. Carey Hamilton’s amendment to eliminate tampon, diaper sales tax

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Republicans today voted against an amendment from State Rep. Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis) to exempt feminine hygiene products, children’s diapers, products used by adults to manage incontinence and over-the-counter drugs from the state gross retail tax.

House Bill 1002, if passed by House Republicans, would reopen the state budget to make tax cuts that primarily benefit corporations.

“Diapers and feminine hygiene products are necessities as basic as food and should be treated as such under the law,” Hamilton said. “By continuing to tax these items, as well as incontinence products and over-the-counter drugs, the General Assembly perpetuates the difficulty Hoosier women and families living below the poverty line face in affording basic healthcare products.

“Purchasing pain or cold medicines, for example, is often necessary for low-income frontline workers to be able to show up to work.  

“If we can reopen the budget for business tax cuts, certainly we can join several other states and end the tax on these essential healthcare products – a people-focused tax cut that will benefit women, families and all Hoosiers.”

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