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Republican supermajority should prioritize Hoosiers, Bauer argues

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INDIANAPOLIS – A vote today during a Technical Corrections hearing led to the override of Gov. Eric Holcomb's veto of House Bill 1041, which will effectively ban transgender girls in Indiana K-12 schools from playing on a sports team matching their gender identity. Despite Holcomb saying he found no evidence of transgender girls compromising the fairness of school sports, Indiana's Republican supermajority voted 67-28 to discriminate against transgender children and have the state government interfere in areas it doesn't belong.

 “Banning transgender girls from playing K-12 sports in Indiana is an idea imported from the national culture war agenda, with language clearly pulled from legislation passed in other states,” Bauer said.

“This is a textbook example of big government overreach. The legislation was written by out-of-state interest groups who want to impose their personal beliefs on youth athletics. The IHSAA opposed this bill because the policy they have had in place for over a decade has sufficiently met the goal of maintaining fair competition in youth sports in our state.

“This law fails to accomplish anything good or meet the goal of protecting girls’ sports. Instead, it has targeted the transgender community, and put discriminatory language directly into Indiana Code. There are a number of ways the legislature can support fair competition in women's sports, beginning with equal pay, equivalent resources and protecting athletes from sexual abuse, yet those ideas were not introduced this legislative session.” 

While Indiana Republicans occupied themselves with the non-issue of transgender children playing sports, they have repeatedly avoided taking action on an actual issue affecting Hoosiers: the gas tax. This month, gas prices have hit a historic high in the state. The Indiana House Democratic Caucus, including Bauer, has repeatedly called for the supermajority to take action by suspending the gas tax ­­to help Hoosiers at the pump. To fill up a 14-gallon tank, Hoosiers would save $7.84 at the pump from the suspension of the state gas taxes under House Democrats' plan.

“From the infant formula shortage to the too-high state gas taxes and property taxes, Hoosiers need relief,” Bauer said. “I will continue to call for state action to alleviate all these problems affecting working Hoosier families.”

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