Rep. Karlee Macer on latest IDVA scandal: “When will enough finally be enough?”

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INDIANAPOLIS  –  State Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Speedway) today issued the following statement on reports that employees with the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA) used state and federal dollars for personal uses, including visits to resorts:

“The swamp that is the Department of Veterans Affairs gains a greater stench every single day. The gross mismanagement of state and federal funds is not only a disgusting abuse of power, but a criminal misuse of taxpayer dollars.

“The lack of accountability and oversight has led to a situation in which those who bravely serve our country have not been able to receive the services and benefits that they have earned. These funds were supposed to be used to ease their burdens, not for padding the pockets of bureaucrats and funding luxury vacations.

“Shame on them. Shame on the governor for allowing this to happen. His office received a report detailing the concerns about the misuse of funds back in 2017, yet he left the people guilty of this heinous behavior in their posts at the agency.

“When will enough finally be enough? The Department of Veterans Affairs must be dismantled, and restored to its original mission. If legislation is required to achieve this goal, then I am ready to act on it. Today.”

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