Pryor responds to passage of anti-ESG bill from House of Representatives

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House Bill 1008, a pension management experiment, passed through the Indiana House of Representatives today along party lines. The bill requires the Indiana State Public Retirement System to disregard the positive profit returns that enhancing diversity in companies deliver for that organization’s bottom line. 

 State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) offered the following statement today regarding the bill, which now moves on to the Senate:

“I am deeply troubled by House Bill 1008 and its attempt to take our state back to a time in which violating the civil rights of Hoosiers was commonplace and acceptable. This bill takes us back to that time. Many companies understand the importance of diversity. This bill prioritize asset managers investing in gun manufacturers and fossil fuel companies, just to name a few, over protecting civil rights. Many people died to end racism. This bill sends a horrible message that violating Civil Rights will be rewarded as long as the profit margin has high returns. Valuing profit above people does nothing to move our state forward.”

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