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Pryor commends work of African American Legacy Fund in promoting home ownership, generational wealth in Black communities

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INDIANAPOLIS – A new grant program created by the African American Legacy Fund of Indianapolis, a donor-advised fund of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, will offer up to $100,000 to Black-led organizations working to address wealth-building and preservation activities in Indianapolis Black neighborhoods. State Rep. Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) offered the following statement today in support of the endeavor:

“This grant provides a wonderful opportunity for non-profits in Indianapolis and underscores a terrific need in the city for fair distribution of wealth and home ownership. I'm very thankful to Grants Director Marshawn Wolley for undertaking such an important project. In Marion County, the home ownership rate is far below the national average, and the disparity is even greater when it comes to African Americans in Indianapolis. Helping people find homes and to be able to stay in their homes –despite gentrification and other obstacles – will help to ease the city's housing crisis and gives families an asset that can be passed down for generations. I look forward to seeing the outcomes of this vital undertaking.”

Pryor is currently serving on the Housing Task Force Interim Study Committee.

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