Pryor announces 2021 legislative agenda

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INDIANAPOLIS — State Representative Cherrish Pryor (D-Indianapolis) today released her legislative priorities for the 2021 Legislative Session. She plans to focus on reforms to the criminal justice system, Indiana elections and housing.

“For too long, we have had communities disproportionately impacted by the harmful systems currently in place,” Pryor said. “We need to ensure that they start working for all Hoosiers. Improving our criminal justice and election systems and making sure long-term homeowners can stay in their homes will take hard work this session, but it will create a more fair and more just Indiana.

“Our state is long overdue for reforms to our criminal justice system. We need strong action now that answers the calls of those advocating for justice. I have introduced legislation banning racial profiling that establishes a Racial Profiling Review Commission, requires cultural diversity awareness training for law enforcement and allocates funds for body cameras. I am also calling for Indiana State Police to investigate police-involved shootings and requiring law enforcement to issue summons to appear for nonviolent misdemeanors. These measures are commonsense reforms that better serve our communities.

“I also introduced legislation that will help long-time homeowners remain in their homes and not be pushed out because their property value increase also raised their property taxes. No one should be forced to sell their home because their value is increasing due to a high demand in their community. These people stayed in their community during the difficult times and they should be allowed to enjoy their communities during the good times.

“As a member of the Elections and Apportionment Committee, I will fight to ensure that all Hoosiers can make their voices heard through our elections. I am working to eliminate the limit on time spent in the voting booth. The two- and three-minute limit is almost impossible when there are a lot of people running for office and when there is a referendum or constitutional question on the ballot. Voters should not be rushed when fulfilling their democratic duty and making the important decision of who should represent them.

“These are issues that should concern all Hoosiers. I will work tirelessly this session to ensure we create solutions that establish lasting change in our communities.”

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