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Porter’s bill to develop a state strategic plan on dementia heads to the governor’s desk

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Senate today passed State Representative Gregory W. Porter's (D-Indianapolis) legislation directing the Indiana Division of Aging to develop a strategic plan on dementia. House Bill 1177 passed with unanimous support and heads to Governor Eric Holcomb's desk for further consideration.

Porter is a member of the Indiana House Public Health Committee and has championed health care causes throughout his tenure at the Indiana General Assembly.

“Today marks another monumental step in Indiana's journey towards reversing the course of one of our greatest, yet most underrated public health crises,” Porter said. “As we worked on and discussed this bill throughout the legislative process, it became increasingly clear that dementia has impacted nearly every person in one way or another. Dementia is currently claiming the lives of 110,000 Hoosiers a year, draining families' bank accounts, and creating an insecure future for both caregivers and patients. That is 110,000 parents, siblings, spouses and friends. That is 110,000 empty chairs at family holidays. That is 110,000 lives taken too soon.

“It is past time for Indiana to take action and protect the most vulnerable Hoosiers and their support systems from the effects of this crippling disease.

“The Indiana Senate's bipartisan support for House Bill 1177 brings us another step closer to tackling this public health challenge with strategic investments and planning. I look forward to the Governor's support of this critical health care initiative.”

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