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Porter: ‘Some economic hardship could have been spared’ from ballooning property assessments

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INDIANAPOLIS – Ahead of the June 15th deadline for individuals to appeal their property assessments, State Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) commented on skyrocketing assessments and the Republican supermajority’s decision this past legislative session to give property tax relief to big businesses over Hoosiers:

“Due to a pandemic-fueled housing shortage, final sale prices are raising the assessed values of many, if not all, homes. As a result, homeowners and those not even in the market to buy or sell are facing huge rises in their property taxes. 

“Home ownership is one of the most significant tools families can use to grow their wealth and cement their place in the middle class. However, these obscene home prices and property taxes are blocking people from buying homes. Additionally, this is hitting seniors, renters and people on a fixed income especially hard.

“The writing was on the wall before this past session that assessments would be rising, but Republicans chose to give relief to businesses instead of working Hoosier families. In this year’s tax cut package, Republicans gave property tax cut relief to big businesses – in this case, mini mill steel mills, which have been raking in record-high profits. As a result, these businesses will accrue additional revenue while the burden of this tax cut is passed on to the most vulnerable property taxpayers. 

“It’s shameful that some economic hardship could have been spared if the supermajority had prioritized the interests of hard-working folks over carve-outs for their corporate friends.”

Hoosiers have until June 15th to appeal their property assessments. A form to do that can be found here under “Form 130.” 

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