Porter: House Bill 1059 leads to opportunities lost

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) today discussed a proposal that would have taken the $1.8 million in tax cuts for the RV and cargo trailer industry and invested $1 million dollars in preserving Northern Indiana’s lake shore along Lake Michigan and $800,000 in the human capital of our state.

“This bill puts the cart before the horse by handing out a tax break before a cost benefit analysis has been completed,” said Porter. “There is no evidence that the $1.8 million tax cuts for the RV and cargo trailer industry will result in any new jobs. However, we do know that a $1.8 million investment in human capital would directly benefit 4-year-olds by providing scholarships to attend pre-K, pregnant women and newborn babies, Hoosiers with high prescription drug costs, communities in Northern Indiana experiencing erosion along Lake Michigan’s lake shore, and it would have incentivized recent college graduates to stay in Indiana.

“House Republicans need to join House Democrats in our efforts to start investing in the people of our state.”

Porter proposes that HB 1059’s $1.8 million fiscal impact has on Indiana could be better spent by:

  • Creating 300 more pre-K scholarships for Hoosier families.
  • Providing 100 doulas for pregnancy support to help reduce our state’s high infant and maternal mortality rates.
  • Starting a prescription drug rebate of $250 for 7,200 Hoosiers with high prescription costs.
  • Matching $1 million for an Army Corps of Engineers study of Lake Michigan shore erosion.
  • Incentivizing college graduates to stay in Indiana after they graduate.

Porter and State Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Speedway) attempted to amend House Bill 1059 last week. Porter’s amendment, which included a child and dependent care tax credit, was blocked from debate on the House floor by Republicans. Macer’s amendment, which would have eliminated the state gross retail tax on breastfeeding items, including: breast pumps; breast pump kits; breast pump replacement parts; and breast pump collection and storage supplies, was voted down 41-51, with only Republicans voting no.

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