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Porter calls on Governor to work with Hoosier families with medically complex loved ones

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Yesterday, April 29, parents with medically complex loved ones met with Governor Eric Holcomb to discuss the cataclysmic effects of the changes to the Medicaid Aged and Disability (A&D) Waiver implemented by the Family and Social Services Administration (FSSA). Leaders from Indiana United Families for Care discussed their concerns about the transition from attendant care to structured family caregiving. 

State Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) released the following statement: 

“I’m proud of these six mothers for meeting with Gov. Holcomb. It takes a lot of courage to share your struggles and continuously do what’s right in the face of adversity. I’ve worked with these families and many others across the state for months, and I’m pleased they finally secured a meeting with the governor. They gave a list of 10 requests that includes providing the evaluation tool used to decide the new per diem tier system and implementing a 90-day delay on implementation of the new program.

“Our Hoosier families are suffering due to this transition, and they shared their experience with me yesterday. None of them have received any meaningful information on the transition to structured family caregiving. They’re changing from an hourly wage to a per diem rate which greatly affects their family’s income. But they’ve received no answers on how their per diem rate will be decided. FSSA encourages them to reach out to their case managers but many of their case managers are also in the dark. The turnover for case managers is so high that they’re losing them during this transition. 

“On top of this with no explanation, just last week the FSSA started using Notice of Action approvals (NOA) – such as approving less meals per day – to do a manual review of their eligibility. These manual reviews allow FSSA to cut down attendant care hours and or cut families from the program entirely before the July 1st transition date. 

“After speaking with our families yesterday at the Statehouse I continue to be dismayed by the treatment of our Hoosier families. The most recent changes have contributed to further harm for our medically complex children. We continue to put roadblocks in their path as they attempt to provide the best care possible to their loved ones. The ball is in Gov. Holcomb’s court, and I encourage him to do what’s right. The governor can address this issue head-on, help our Hoosier families and avoid any other unneeded burdens.” 

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