Porter calls on governor, Statehouse Republican leadership to expand automatic tax refunds

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INDIANAPOLIS – Amid rising inflation, lawmakers will return to the Indiana Statehouse by the end of June for a special session to send $1 billion back to Hoosier taxpayers in the form of an additional Automatic Tax Refund check.

In advance of that special session, State Rep. Gregory W. Porter is calling on Gov. Eric Holcomb, House Speaker Todd Huston and Senate President Pro Tempore Rodric Bray to expand the recipients of the proposed $225 to include residents on Social Security, including those who are retired, disabled and/or on Supplemental Security Income (SSI).  

Porter wrote a letter to Bray, Holcomb and Huston with the request and offered the following statement:  

“Every Hoosier, regardless of tax status, is paying sales tax and feeling the brunt of heightened prices at the grocery store and gas pump right now,” Porter said.

“By agreeing to return for a special session to give Hoosiers their money back, we’ve already acknowledged this. So let’s make good on that by including residents on disability, Social Security and SSI on this $225 payment. 

“People who are elderly, disabled or blind are important members of our communities and deserve to live their lives with dignity, not in poverty. Similarly, retired Hoosiers who have spent their entire working lives making this state better deserve to enjoy their retirement, not worry about making ends meet.”

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