Porter announces priorities for 2021 Legislative Session

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Representative Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) today announced his 2021 legislative agenda. His legislation calls for budgeting reforms, better treatment for all under the justice system and accountability for bullying incidents at public and non-public schools.

“During the last legislative session, we failed to address some of the most pressing issues facing our state,” Porter said. “We must act now and propose bold legislation that will better our state and our people both now and for the years to come.

“After Governor Holcomb's refusal to include the State Budget Committee in the allocation of the largest federal stimulus in our nation's history, we must demand more legislative involvement on matters of federal funding. This is about transparency and accountability from those leading our state. My bill will directly involve the State Budget Committee on these matters and ensure that millions of federal dollars are invested back into our state and our people.

“I authored HB 1209, calling for strong legislation against bias motivated crimes. Indiana is one of only four states with no protection against these crimes. This should concern every legislator. We must offer protection to the members of our communities vulnerable to these crimes.

“I have seen firsthand the fight for racial justice across our state this past year. It is again clear Indiana must do more to ensure our justice system works for all. Establishing a statewide citizen review commission to investigate officer-involved incidents is one way we can ensure accountability from law enforcement. This is crucial legislation that will keep everyone in our communities safer and address years of injustices within our state.

“Every child deserves to be protected from bullying, regardless of a school's public or non-public status. Our schools cannot address bullying if they are not reporting incidents. My bill requiring charter and voucher schools to adopt measures prohibiting bullying will create a safer environment at all schools. Bullying continues to negatively affect our children and we must work to better understand the depth of this serious issue.”

The 2021 Legislative Session began Jan. 4.

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