Pfaff: Expand opportunities for students with disabilities

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INDIANAPOLIS - State Rep. Tonya Pfaff (D-Terre Haute) authored a bill that would expand opportunities for students with disabilities. House Bill 1341 today passed unanimously through the Indiana House of Representatives.

“This is a straightforward bill,” Pfaff said. “It is about creating opportunities for workforce development. Currently, around 80% of people with disabilities are unemployed, and that is disgraceful. We need to ensure that every Hoosier who wants to work, can work.”

The bill addresses students with “individualized education programs” (IEPs), who graduated with a certificate of completion or left school without graduating from high school. It tasks the State Advisory Council to develop a plan to find these former students and discuss their trade skills, apprenticeships and other opportunities to complete requirements for a high school diploma.

“Moving this legislation forward paves the way for students who have worked hard to get through school to join the workforce with a diploma, not just a certificate,” added Pfaff. “It ensures a brighter future for Indiana's workforce and all Hoosiers.”

The bill now moves on to the Senate for further consideration.

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