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Pack calls for action against property owners defrauding tenants

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Renee Pack (D-Indianapolis) is calling for action from IN Attorney General Todd Rokita and Citizens Energy after Covington Apartments in Indy’s Westside was added to the growing list of Marion County complexes that owe more than $1.5 million in unpaid utility bills to Citizens Energy. 

Covington Apartments is the fourth apartment complex at risk of having essential utilities shut off due to the property owners failing to make payments. Covington Apartments, as well as Capital Place, Woods at Oak Crossing, and Berkley Commons, are owned by Berkley Commons LLC and JPC Affordable Housing.

Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett, Attorney General Todd Rokita and Citizens Energy have previously filed lawsuits against the owners for missing gas and water payments from their other properties. Now, residents of Covington Apartments have been added to the hundreds who not only fear their water being turned off, but being evicted from their homes.

“The situation is clear– Berkley Commons LLC and JPC Affordable Housing have yet again failed in their duty to provide tenants with safe, lawful, and accommodating conditions,” Pack said. 

“The fact that property owners would intentionally rob families of their dignity and well-being is incredibly upsetting. We need to continue to hold the owners responsible for their crimes and work to provide better housing for all Hoosiers.”

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