Moseley: We had an opportunity to help teachers

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INDIANAPOLIS – House Republicans today blocked three amendments offered by State Rep. Chuck Moseley (D-Portage), two of which would offer Indiana teachers tax credits to help pay for classroom supplies and the other a 5% cost of living adjustment for all members of the Indiana State Teachers' Retirement Fund (TRF) and the Public Employees Retirement Fund (PERF).

“Here, we had an opportunity to help teachers get supplies to use in their classrooms, to help students get the most out of their education,” Moseley said.

“Instead, House Republicans once again refused to help the very people we trust with the future of our children.

“While we're debating how to best help Hoosiers recover from a tough couple of years economically, we can't forget the people who don't currently qualify for Automatic Tax Refunds, including people receiving Social Security checks. By offering a 5% cost of living adjustment for those signed up to receive TRF and PERF payments, we could have helped more Hoosiers get back on their feet.”

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