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Moseley: “Steelworkers forged this state and deserve our protection”

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Today, April 17, the Biden-Harris Administration announced their plan to protect American steelworkers from China’s predatory practices. For years, China has been producing artificially cheap steel – producing more than there is demand – flooding the market with low-quality products. The Biden-Harris Administration is calling for the United States Trade Representative (USTR) to triple tariffs on Chinese steel and aluminum and to investigate their unfair practices.

State Rep. Chuck Moseley (D-Portage) released the following supportive statement: 

“I strongly support any action that protects American businesses, their employees and their products. These are common sense policies that will protect Hoosier steelworkers who helped forge our state. Indiana leads the nation in steel production, so we must prioritize the security and well-being of this industry. 

“We know that one bad actor can undermine an entire industry. For too long, China has flooded the market with cheap steel which has drastically lowered prices and eliminated competition. Tripling tariffs on China’s steel and aluminum imports will protect Indiana’s industry. Our domestic industry – and our thousands of steelworkers – will be safeguarded from layoffs, mill closures and loss of profits due to offshore production. It’s both the state and nation’s responsibility to protect prosperity and our manufacturers from harm. I’m glad that we’re protecting Indiana industry and the thousands of steelworkers who call the Hoosier state home.” 

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