Moseley election reform legislation signed into law by governor

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INDIANAPOLIS – Legislation authored by State Representative Chuck Moseley (D-Portage), which will increase transparency by allowing candidates to file campaign reports online, was signed into law by the governor today.

House Enrolled Act 1288 (Public Law 24-2020) gives all candidates the option to file their campaign finance reports online through a secure vendor. This bill was offered to increase efficiency, accessibility and transparency between elected officials and the public.

“I authored this legislation to keep Indiana current in this ever-changing digital age,” said Moseley. “This legislation is meant to streamline the process and increase transparency for Hoosiers.

“With the current paper system, you run the risk of saving your PDF form incorrectly, illegible handwriting on paper copies and the lengthy waiting process that results from delivering your report in-person or through the mail. At the end of the day, the faster we get the information sorted, the faster they can release it to the public.”

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