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Moed’s low barrier homeless shelter task force added to Senate bill

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INDIANAPOLIS — State Representative Justin Moed (D-Indianapolis) is a co-sponsor of Senate Bill 218, which passed the House today 92-1. 

Moed’s idea of the low barrier homeless task force has been amended into the bill to comprehensively address the issue of homelessness in Indianapolis. The task force is composed of nonprofit and business leaders, and the governor and the mayor of the city serve as co-chairs.

“This task force brings people with different perspectives and experiences to work together toward a common goal: to help our homeless neighbors,” Moed said. “We will not push them aside and ignore them, but help them get back on their feet.”

A low-barrier shelter is open 24 hours, seven days a week to anybody who needs it, without requiring certain criteria. The shelter also helps connect people to other resources, such as addiction treatment and employment.

The bill allows a township trustee to place an individual experiencing homelessness in a county home or provide temporary assistance. The trustee must also publish a list of public and private resources on the county website. It also provides additional tools to local law enforcement to better address trespassing on unsafe property.

SB 218 now heads back to the Senate for final consideration.

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