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Moed named to key House leadership position

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Justin Moed (D-Indianapolis) has been named to a key leadership position for Indiana House Democrats, a role that Statehouse observers said will enable his colleagues to take better advantage of Moed’s skills at bipartisan lawmaking.

Moed’s selection as House Democratic Whip was announced recently by House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne). In that role, Moed will help build consensus on key issues that will arise during the 2019 and 2020 legislative sessions.

Moed has a proven track record of bringing both parties together on a wide range of issues to better the quality of life for neighborhoods.  That experience and his community based approach will now serve all Hoosiers as he brings his energy to this leadership position at the State House.

“Justin will help me keep track of those big issues that matter to Hoosiers, and allow me to respond to the concerns our members have,” GiaQuinta said. “His experience will be critical in helping form our agenda for the session starting in January. I feel this new position will compliment Justin’s already proven ability to advance ideas that generate support on both sides of the political aisle and in both the House and Senate chambers.”

Those sentiments were echoed by State Rep. Sean Eberhart (R-Shelbyville), who complimented Moed’s efforts at bipartisanship.

“Rep. Moed is one of those people I turn to when I want to take the temperature of our colleagues on some of the major issues that come before the Indiana House,” Eberhart said. “These are the kinds of relationships that lead to more effective state government.”

Moed said he will emphasize that kind of bipartisanship when it comes to discussions of issues in the 2019 session.

“Of course, we will have our disagreements, which is to be expected,” Moed said.

“But I also believe there is a genuine desire from both sides to work together and pass legislation that helps people across this state. When I first came to the Indiana House, I made a point of wanting to work with my Republican colleagues, and the result was passage of reforms that make neighborhoods stronger and safer. We can work together for the betterment of our communities, and that will continue to be my priority in the sessions to come.”

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