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Miller urges Holcomb to find solutions without funding cuts to autism therapy

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State Rep. Kyle Miller (D-Fort Wayne) has sent a letter to Gov. Eric Holcomb urging his office to find an alternative economic solution in response to the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration’s proposal to cut funding for Medicaid reimbursement rates for Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) Therapy Services. ABA is an evidence-based therapy plan for children and young adults living with autism. Recently, the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration proposed cutting funding for Medicaid reimbursement for these services nearly in half, affecting roughly 6,200 Hoosier families.

 “ABA therapy has a proven track record of improving the quality of life for Americans living with autism, and we need to continue covering this therapy as we would any other medical treatment,” Miller said. “I’ve heard from many constituents about the positive impact this therapy has had on their child, but they would be unable to afford continuing the therapy if these proposed cuts went into effect.

 “ABA offers individuals help in improving social skills, independent living skills and services are crafted specifically for each individual. These cuts would have devastating impacts for the thousands of Hoosiers receiving care along with their families, and I implore Gov. Holcomb to work with state agencies to find a funding solution that doesn’t threaten livelihoods and the progress children have made through ABA therapy services. Our state is in a financial position to find a fiscally responsible way to control costs without putting this critical service on the chopping block.”

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