Macer responds to latest scandal at IDVA

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INDIANAPOLIS —  State Rep. Karlee Macer (D-Speedway) today issued the following statement about news regarding the latest scandal involving the Indiana Department of Veterans Affairs (IDVA):

“I am disgusted and appalled at the abuse of power and complete lack of oversight that has allowed corruption and deception to fester within our own state agencies. Our Hoosier veterans deserve more than dishonesty and shady business practices, and while thousands of our nation’s heroes wait for benefits, political insiders shirk any semblance of transparency for their own personal gain. These inappropriate abuses of power highlight our desperate need for responsibility and reform. While both our current and former governors have been able to turn a blind eye to the plight of Hoosier veterans, we cannot allow these injustices to stand and we must demand accountability and oversight from our leadership.”

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