Key House panel endorses Campbell amendment to make postpartum Medicaid coverage permanent

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INDIANAPOLIS – Today, the House Ways and Means Committee unanimously adopted an amendment to House Bill 1001 offered by State Rep. Chris Campbell (D-West Lafayette) that will permanently grant postpartum Medicaid coverage for a minimum of one year post the last day of pregnancy. 

“Earlier today we heard from mental health counselors and doctors advocating for our legislature to do more to care for women during the postpartum period,” Campbell said. “We know that postpartum can last anywhere from one to three years, so it only makes sense for us to permanently offer adequate Medicaid coverage for women’s postpartum needs, both physically and mentally.

“I’m glad that if this bill passes, this provision will be a part of state statute. This is a great first step towards providing quality care to Hoosier women and their families.”

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