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Jackson celebrates carbon storage hub in Whiting: “It feels like someone is finally listening”

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Wednesday, Nov. 14, the United States Department of Energy announced it was granting over $98 million in federal funding to move forward with a carbon storage hub in Northwest Indiana. This comes on the heels of several other environmental investments in the area such as the Superfund site at the Federated Metals plant and the Hydrogen Hub, both located in Whiting.

“After decades of living amongst some of the nation's heaviest polluters, I am glad that our community is finally getting the attention and investments we need,” State Rep. Carolyn Jackson (D-Hammond) said. “Northwest Indiana is an industrial powerhouse that supercharges the state's manufacturing sector. While we are proud of that, the people in these communities are forced to sacrifice their health as these plants pump out harmful chemicals.

“It feels like someone is finally listening. The environmental investments our community has seen this year are a historic step in the right direction that was long overdue. It is beyond time that the environment of Northwest Indiana and the wellbeing of its residents were given the deserved assistance. Northwest Indiana is stepping into a new era with these long-needed investments.

“I want to urge all parties involved to maintain transparency so that the community can reap the benefits from this exciting project.” 

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