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Indiana Republicans block community solar program initiative amendment

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Today, Indiana House Republicans blocked an amendment to House Bill 1007, which would have established community solar facilities. Authored by State Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie), the amendment was voted down 64-27.

Community solar facilities are small solar fields owned by entrepreneurs who sell subscriptions to people for whom rooftop solar is not an option. Their subscribers include people who rent their homes or offices, who live in apartments, and others such as places of worship and government entities. The subscribers receive credits on their utility bills for their share of the power the facility produces. This amendment would have required at least 50% of the subscribers to be low or moderately-low income.

Errington released the following statement today regarding the vote:

“This is a missed opportunity to help more Hoosiers buy into renewable solar energy,” Errington said. “Not only is solar energy better for the environment by reducing our greenhouse gas emissions, it’s good for the economy by creating jobs throughout the state. Community solar facilities foster innovation and competition while reducing utility rates for all electric customers. This amendment would have given us the opportunity to help those who have historically been left behind in the renewable energy transition, namely low-income Hoosiers and Black and brown Hoosiers, by giving them the option to take advantage of the many benefits of solar power.”

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