Indiana House Republicans refuse to vote on Errington’s medical marijuana proposal

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Sue Errington (D-Muncie) today offered an amendment to Senate Bill 194 that would allow the use of medical marijuana for terminally ill Hoosiers. House Republicans blocked all debate on this critical issue on the House floor.

A physician must certify that the person suffers from a terminal illness, or serious untreatable disease, and that the benefits of medical marijuana exceed the risks for that individual. If a physician prescribes medical marijuana, the individual must have less than two ounces in their possession at a time.

“I offered this amendment because it is past time for Indiana to have this conversation,” said Errington. “We can’t continue to shut out this topic simply because it makes some people uncomfortable.

“Toward the end of his life, my husband was administered a drug to help relieve the symptoms of his pain,” continued Errington. “The drug put him in a coma-like state that prevented him from being able to say goodbye to me before he passed away.

“If medical marijuana had been a legal option in Indiana at that time, we likely would have chosen that route to help relieve his pain because it would have given us the chance to exchange a few last words. I want to give other wives, husbands and families the option we never had.

“This is an amendment about pain control in the final stages of life. Death doesn’t always come peacefully and I will continue to advocate for anything to make these final stages of life just a little bit easier.”

Medical marijuana is currently legal in 34 states.

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