Indiana House passes resolution in support of inn construction at Potato Creek State Park

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INDIANAPOLIS – State Rep. Ross Deal (D-Mishawaka) recently had a concurrent resolution he authored pass through the House that would appoint a study committee to discuss the benefits of constructing an inn at Potato Creek State Park.

House Concurrent Resolution 20 has bipartisan support and would open up a conversation during the summer to vet the potential of the inn and, if deemed viable, plan more concrete steps to move the project forward.

“Potato Creek is one of the most visited parks in Indiana,” Deal said. “Creating an inn would not be an expenditure, but an investment. It would create short-term jobs in construction, as well as seasonal, part-time and full-time jobs for Hoosiers once the inn is open for business.

“Currently, there are six other state parks that have completed similar projects and have witnessed some very successful public-private partnerships used to facilitate the projects.

“Additionally, it would make Potato Creek a destination for vacationers, weekend getaways, business meetings and seminars. Possibly even an event venue. Any one of these would make this a worthwhile investment in southern St. Joseph County.”

The resolution has bipartisan support in the House and now moves on to the Senate for further consideration.

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