IN THE NEWS: Rep. Bartlett supports “Laundry & More” event that helps east side families in need

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A news story from WRTV Channel 6 in Indianapolis highlights Rep. John Bartlett's support of the “Laundry & More” service Servants of Christ Lutheran Church provides to families on the east side of Indianapolis by helping them wash their clothing and bedding for free. 


Laundry & More is a vision Abby Vesga had five years ago. Vesga is the driving force behind helping these families.

“Some days, I just go home and cry with gratitude,” Vesga said.

It costs about $400 a week to do around 300 loads of laundry. Laundry and More serves more than 40 families a week. They also provide lunch, free clothes, and resources.

“It's forming this community that I would never have thought was possible,” Vesga said.

To continue helping families - week after week - Laundry & More requires donations.

Donations needed to continue sending families home with clean laundry are:

  • Dryer sheets
  • Trash bags - heavy duty
  • Housing items
  • Sheets
  • Children's clothing
  • Crib sheets
  • Towels and wash rags

“Just imagine if you didn't have clean clothes to put on this morning when you woke up,” Rep. John L. Bartlett, D-Indianapolis, said. “I would encourage all the churches in house district 95 to sponsor a Tuesday. It's about 450 bucks, I've done my part, I made my sponsorship.”


Laundry & More has hope to eventually spread the program to other areas of Indianapolis. 

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