IBLC statement regarding IU Health external review

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC) today released the following statement regarding IU Health's response to the death of Dr. Susan Moore:

“The members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus have always considered ourselves advocates for all, but especially for the African American community. In the beginning of this pandemic, we addressed our concerns over growing medical disparities caused by racial and gender bias. It goes without saying that African Americans have battled the COVID-19 pandemic this year, but we also have a long battle with another pandemic: racism. It is for this reason that we are deeply saddened that we must keep having these conversations to what feels like no avail. The recent deaths of Dr. Susan Moore and Dr. Chaniece Wallace are simply unacceptable and our prayers go out to their families.

“The IBLC believes servant leadership and advocacy are integral to governing; we also believe governing must include action. We cannot call ourselves one of the most developed countries filled with opportunities while millions of marginalized individuals are suffering. We cannot call ourselves progressive when more than 40 percent of frontline workers are people of color and they are disproportionately being infected by and dying of COVID-19.

“According to a recent report from the Indiana Health Disparities Task Force, Black and Latinx Hoosiers are overwhelmingly dying of the virus in our state, with 18.7 percent of the deaths being Black and more than 20 percent being Latinx. We have found this is due to numerous factors, including the fact that these groups are prone to longer wait times in the emergency room, experience discrimination in care, and are predisposed to underlying conditions among certain racial and ethnic groups.

“As aforementioned, the cases of Dr. Moore and Dr. Wallace are absolutely inexcusable. We cringe at the thought of what happens to other Black women who lack the same access.

“The IBLC prides itself in actionable items that help our community and in standing for what is right even when feathers are ruffled. We expect that a staple of education and change such as Indiana University Health will not only review their racial bias, but also take action to decrease the number of deaths and bad experiences that negligence has caused African Americans.

“We are anxious to learn the results of IU Health’s internal and external reviews, and to lend our expertise. Additionally, we will be monitoring their progress to ensure true and sustainable change comes.”

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