IBLC priority law enforcement reform legislation to be signed into law

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INDIANAPOLIS – Bipartisan legislation reforming Indiana's law enforcement by requiring de-escalation training and other provisions for officer conduct is expected to be signed into law by the Governor.

Born out of the tragic events across the country during the summer of 2020, House Bill 1006 mandates de-escalation training as a part of the use of force curriculum throughout an officer's career, enhances penalties for tampering with body or vehicle cameras, defines chokeholds as deadly use of force, and prohibits bad actors from bouncing from agency to agency to avoid reprimand.

As a part of its 2021 Justice Reform Agenda, the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus partnered with House Republicans, state law enforcement agencies and other community stakeholders to develop and advance this priority legislation.

“The overwhelming support behind this legislation is truly inspiring,” State Rep. Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis), Chair of the IBLC, stated.

“Justice reform affects every single Hoosier, whether they are white, Black, young, old, Democrat or Republican. So it is only fitting that everyone is offered a seat at the table as we work on solutions. I look forward to future collaboration and cooperation between the IBLC, our fellow legislators and our communities as we continue our drive for equality and justice for all Hoosiers.

“House Bill 1006 is a true embodiment of the IBLC motto: seeking a common agenda, speaking in a unified voice. Law enforcement officers, public defenders, faith leaders, Republicans, Democrats and many more all came together in the name of justice to effect true reform. This vital legislation would not have been successful without each and every one of these stakeholders at the table.

“House Bill 1006 is historic not only for the bipartisanship involved in its creation, but also for its reforms. With its passage, House Bill 1006 is rebuilding the foundation of trust between Black communities and local law enforcement. The Indiana General Assembly is no longer checking a box and sweeping the problem under the rug, but is signing progress into law. That is what Hoosiers want to see. That is what they need to see.

“The work does not end with the Governor's signature. Training officers to do the right thing from the start and holding them accountable when they falter is only the beginning. We will continue to fight against the systemic racism that sickens, burdens and kills Black and Brown Hoosiers. We are on the road to progress and we are not slowing down.”

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