IBLC: Many questions remain about the tragic beating of one-year-old baby Jesse

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INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus (IBLC) today issued the following statement:

“No criminal charges were filed in the severe beating of one-year-old baby Jesse, yet many questions are still unanswered.

“How and why did a two-year-old supposedly have access to another child?

“What type of object was used to cause these serious injuries?

“Why did no one hear the screams and cries of baby Jesse as he was being severely beaten?

“Why does this act of violence against a baby not constitute neglect or the endangerment of a child?

“These basic questions require answers. Silence on this issue is an outrage.

“The Indiana Black Legislative Caucus is disappointed that no adult will be held responsible and accountable for the violent injuries that baby Jesse suffered at this KiddieGarden daycare center location. When parents entrust their babies and children to daycare facilities, they never dream that their little ones would be so endangered as to suffer beatings or even be killed. These tragedies have happened in the past and must never be allowed to be repeated in Indianapolis or anywhere in the state of Indiana.

“The conditions at his KiddieGarden location were bad enough for the Family and Social Services Agency (FSSA) to close the facility for “lack of supervision.” However, the absence of justice has traumatized the baby’s family as little Jesse endures the pain of recovery. We find it difficult to believe that a small child caused these massive injuries to baby Jesse and we certainly cannot conceive how no one at the daycare center heard the screams and cries of this innocent infant.

“The family, the community, and we legislators need answers to these questions and we need them now.

“In addition, the Indiana General Assembly needs to review FSSA regulations regarding child abuse in daycare centers. Such incidences also emphasize the critical nature of a thorough legislative review of the Department of Child Services to ensure that at-risk children remain safe in Indiana and are not threatened with bodily injury.”

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