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House Republicans vote down amendment for fair redistricting

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Today, Feb. 19, State Rep. Matt Pierce (D-Bloomington) offered an amendment that would create a two-year task force to create a pathway to adopting non-partisan redistricting. House Republicans defeated the amendment 67 to 28. 

“Republicans are clinging to the power that partisan redistricting gives them,” Pierce said. “The current redistricting process is inherently flawed. Elected officials, including legislators, have an inherent conflict of interest when they draw their own districts. Partisan redistricting makes general elections largely irrelevant, shifting control of elections to the most partisan primary voters. This results in a General Assembly that does not reflect the views of a majority of Hoosiers. It’s time to return the power to choose our elected officials to the people.

“In the 2022 election, Indiana ranked 50th for voter turnout in the United States. Perhaps Indiana voters don’t vote because the Republican-drawn maps allow for little to no competition in our elections. My amendment would have made many more elections competitive, giving people more reasons to participate in our democracy.”

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