House Democrats support Holcomb’s “Shelter in Place” decision, offer resources to Hoosiers

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today released the following statement regarding Governor Holcomb's “shelter in place” announcement:

“Thanks to Governor Holcomb's recent mandate, keeping Hoosiers safe isn't a suggestion anymore. Protecting the folks of our state has always been the top priority of House Democrats, especially during these unprecedented times. I stand with the governor's decision to require Hoosiers to stay at home unless performing essential activities such as buying food or seeking medical attention.

“We can only work with the information we have at any given moment, and this is one action we can take right now to reduce the risk to Hoosier lives. However, we also recognize the pressure and inconvenience this puts on families and workers. We know it will put a strain on already tight incomes and decrease the accessibility of vital resources. House Democrats will continue serving Hoosiers first by providing updates on available services that may be helpful to those struggling in the coming weeks.

“Thank you to all who are doing their best every day to lower the impact of this virus. I hope that the medical workers, grocery store employees, educators and other essential employees stay in the spotlight as the true heroes in this time of struggle and continue to receive our gratitude after this time has passed.”

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