House Democratic Caucus members say 2020 health care legislation won’t lower costs for Hoosiers

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic State Representatives Robin Shackleford (D-Indianapolis), Ryan Hatfield (D-Evansville) and Terri Austin (D-Anderson) today released the following statements on the House Republicans’ watered-down health care legislation:

“Hoosiers are still wondering how they are going to afford the next refill of their prescription drugs as House Republicans tout the health care legislation that passed during the 2020 legislative session,” said Shackleford. “Prescription drug prices have increased 58 percent from 2012 to 2017, and the supermajority has wasted another session by not doing anything to address this issue. I made multiple attempts to introduce a proposal that would cap the price of a 30-day supply of insulin at $100, regardless of the type or amount prescribed and introduced legislation to eliminate prescription price gouging. It is time for this legislative body to put the people they represent before their relationships with big pharma, and stop saying health care is a concern, and start legislating like it is.”

“Transparency is not the same as accessible or affordable health care and yet, Republicans stopped short of meaningful legislation choosing instead to pass a half measure under the guise of transparency,” said Hatfield. “I passed legislation this session that would have promoted long overdue competition in the prescription drug industry, legislation that has already been implemented by the Republican governor in Florida and supported by President Trump. Yet, the House Republicans killed the bill that my amendment was in and once again showed that they will put their relationship with big pharma over Hoosiers.”

“It is estimated that one in five emergency room visits result in surprise billing,” said Austin. “Republicans will say they’ve made great strides this session to help prevent surprise billing, but the truth is, the legislation they pushed would help less than 20% of Hoosiers. I, along with my fellow House Democrats, offered up alternatives that would have made a substantial difference for those who are struggling to cover their medical and insurance bills, like putting harsher regulations on pharmacy benefit managers and allowing the importation of drugs from Canada. By remaining stagnant on policies and refusing to make any significant changes this year, we are only prolonging the suffering of Hoosiers. I believe Hoosiers deserve better than this.”

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