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Hamilton advocates for redistricting reform on the House floor

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INDIANAPOLIS –State Rep. Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis) issued the following statement today after House Republicans voted along party lines against Rep. Matt Pierce's (D-Bloomington) proposal to adapt the non-partisan redistricting process used by the State of Iowa.

“The right to vote is the keystone of our democracy,” Hamilton said. “All the rest of our Constitution is held up by the ability of the people to make their voice known in the government.  

“In Indiana, we know too well how the voice of Hoosiers can be manipulated by political parties via gerrymandering. Instead of voters choosing their representatives, the representatives are choosing their voters. We have seen the consequences of this: Noncompetitive races and the 42nd worst voter turnout in the nation.

“For years, this issue has seen bipartisan support in Indiana. I have watched my colleagues from both sides of the aisle propose bills taking on this issue. Most importantly, the people – our voters – want us to act. Year after year at my town halls, constituents tell me this is one of the most important issues to them. Yet year after year, these bills are denied votes.

“Iowa’s redistricting system works and makes their democracy more representative and vibrant. This is perhaps the smartest, simplest and most important step we can take to ensure that this body represents the people of our great state.”

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