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Hamilton addresses young environmental activists

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State Rep. Carey Hamilton (D-Indianapolis) spoke to a group of young climate activists today during the “Act Now!” event which she hosted alongside the youth-led Confront the Climate Crisis group. During the event, Hamilton and others spoke about state action on climate change, including HB 1604 and HB 1453. Hamilton released the following statement regarding the event:

“It is crucial that we address climate change head-on,” Hamilton said. “As a legislator and a mother, I feel an incredible obligation to do everything in my power to protect our planet for future generations.  This includes advocating for sustainable and clean energy to fuel the economy of the future. Improving our environment will improve every aspect of life in Indiana; from public health and quality of life to the creation of a 21st-century economy.

“It’s easy to feel discouraged about climate change. While it may seem daunting to fix the problems, there are myriad solutions right in front of us. It's imperative that we finally jump-start critical conversations at the state level to mitigate the impacts of climate change while building the thriving, climate-resilient Hoosier economy of the future.” 

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