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Gore celebrates bill to create ‘Green Alert’ for missing, at-risk veterans becoming law

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Today, Indiana Governor Eric Holcomb signed House Enrolled Act 1021 into law. This bill establishes a “Green Alert” to notify law enforcement that a missing person is an at-risk veteran.  

State Rep. Mitch Gore (D-Indianapolis), author of HEA 1021, issued the following statement in celebration:

“This bill tells Hoosier veterans that if they go missing, we are coming to find them. There is no group that we as Americans are more indebted to than those who risk their lives for our freedom and democracy. Our veterans fought to protect us, and they deserve a state government who will fight to protect them. 

“Adding a notification specifically for veterans allows law enforcement to go into the situation with all of the information, which is important as veterans suffering from PTSD may be in crisis and are more likely to be armed. Additionally, it adds a sense of urgency as veterans are more likely than other populations to harm themselves or end their own life when they go missing. According to the 2022 National Veteran Suicide Prevention Annual Report, Indiana’s veteran suicide rate is nearly 5% higher than the national average. The goal of this bill is to lower that number. HEA 1021 becoming law will save lives.”

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