GiaQuinta: There is nothing complex about House GOP’s plan to slash $105 million in aid to low income students

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta from Fort Wayne today issued the following statement about a House Republican proposal that would lead to drastic cuts in the amount of funding for children from low income families attending public schools across the state:

“There isn’t anything complex about the House Republican plan to change the school funding formula in order to redirect money from school districts with high concentrations of poverty to wealthy suburban schools.

“It’s just another example of House Republicans moving dollars away from inner city and rural school districts across our state.

“Of course, this isn’t what the House Republicans will tell you. They will continue to say that this new budget will provide more money for schools than ever before, and hope that will quiet the grumbling. In reality, funding for public schools in this budget will fall short of 2009 levels.

“Cutting $105 million in aid for students who need it the most is the exact opposite of caring for our children and their education.

“Republicans are falling short in every aspect of the debate on improving education this year. House Republicans voted down several proposals from House Democrats that would have increased teacher pay now, properly funded public schools, expanded pre-K statewide, and substantially improved school safety.

“It is good to see that public servants like Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick are sending up red flags on all of this House Republican trickery. House Democrats will make every effort in the weeks before the end of this legislative session to invest in our teachers, students, and schools. Ultimately, we will need our Republican colleagues to join us in this effort.”

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