GiaQuinta: ‘Surely Indiana can do better than Washington’ on providing gas tax relief

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INDIANAPOLIS – In July, Indiana’s state gas taxes will reach a record 62 cents-per-gallon. After news that President Biden will ask Congress to suspend the 18.1-cent federal gas tax, House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) released the following statement:

“Gas taxes and prices are at their highest ever. Giving people a break from 18 cents per gallon at the federal level is great. But surely Indiana can do better than Washington. If we suspend the state gas taxes, we’ll triple the savings for Hoosiers. It doesn’t hurt that suspending the gas tax keeps all the benefits here, unlike the Automatic Tax Refund. Why send more of our hard-earned money to Washington in the form of taxes on a refund rather than keeping all the savings in Hoosiers’ pockets?”

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