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GiaQuinta: ‘Republicans are right for the 1950s, wrong for 2022’

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INDIANAPOLIS – After a majority of the Indiana House Republican Caucus voted to remove exceptions for rape and incest survivors, House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today released the following statement on the MAGA GOP abortion ban:

“My colleagues across the aisle are wistful for days gone past,” GiaQuinta said. “Unable to cope with nearly half a century of social progress, Republicans are determined to wind back the clock. All the way back to the 1950s. The halcyon, 20th century proposals discussed on the House floor today aren’t reflective of a modern Indiana.

“It shouldn't be lost on anyone that the majority of the Republican caucus voted to take away the freedom of women and children to reclaim ownership of their bodies after someone violated theirs. Let that sink in. Democrats want to support survivors, Republicans want to let rapists choose the mother of their children. Without the leadership of House Democrats, Indiana could be facing an even bleaker reality.

“It’s time for this legislative body to acknowledge that it is 2022, and women are equals - for now, or at least until this legislation passes.”

GiaQuinta plans to vote no on Senate Bill 1 (ss).

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