GiaQuinta, Porter celebrate success of Democratic calls for economic relief, ask why Hoosiers have been abandoned for three months

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INDIANAPOLIS – After three months of calls for economic relief from House Democrats, Gov. Eric Holcomb in conjunction with House and Senate Republican leadership announced an overdue plan to provide economic relief for Hoosiers using Indiana’s record $6.1 billion surplus. A proposed $225 will be returned to Hoosiers. 

On March 8, House and Senate Democrats offered an alternative conference committee report to suspend the state gas taxes through July, which Republicans rejected. Later in March, Rep. Gregory W. Porter (D-Indianapolis) proposed using the surplus to give Hoosiers an additional Automatic Tax Refund as a back-up plan to a gas tax suspension, which is the plan the governor has proposed. Since March, Democrats have persisted in this call while Republican leadership has remained silent on the issue.

“Hoosiers are suffering now and have been suffering since March when legislative Democrats first issued our call for economic relief,” Porter said. “While I’m happy Gov. Holcomb and legislative Republicans have finally heeded our calls to give Hoosiers their money back, I can only hope it’s not too little, too late.

“Since Republicans have already asked for a special session on abortion this summer, these two sessions are fiscally irresponsible given the General Assembly had the opportunity to address rising costs in March and May.  Finally, there’s still no reason why we can’t additionally provide Hoosiers and small businesses relief at the pump by suspending the gas tax while prices are still high.” 

“I’m glad Statehouse Republicans have finally listened to Democrats and decided to provide fiscal relief for Hoosiers during this difficult time,” House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta added. “While Governor Holcomb was traveling the world, the General Assembly met and could have acted to provide this relief last month. Unfortunately Hoosiers will continue to wait, and poor planning from Republican leadership will result in multiple special sessions and a waste of taxpayer money. ”

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