GiaQuinta on State of the State: The time for talking is over…it’s time for the GOP to act

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta from Fort Wayne issued the following statement after Gov. Eric Holcomb’s State of the State speech earlier tonight (Jan. 15, 2019):


      “The Governor is a fine speaker, but there is a point where we have to stop talking about doing the things we need to do to move Indiana forward, and start doing them.

      “We have seen and heard bold talk so far about the need to do something for our teachers, but the talk is not being matched by the legislation that is moving through the Indiana House.

      “Let’s say it one more time: teachers do not need to have additional tax credits to buy supplies for their students, which is something their school corporations should be doing. Teachers need to be paid more. Now.

      “It is good to see the governor speak about the need for a hate crimes law in Indiana. He needs to give that speech more forcefully to members of his own party, who are the biggest roadblocks to passage of this legislation. Indiana should not be one of five states without a hate crimes law.

      “Our schools must be safer. Our workforce must be better-trained. Pre-K should be expanded. Public school funding should be protected. Charter, voucher, and virtual school programs should be held more accountable. DCS needs to do a better job protecting at-risk children. People with pre-existing medical conditions must have quality health care protections. Our elections must be open and accessible, encouraging Hoosiers to participate.

      “All of these things can be done this session. We are prepared to act. Now.”

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