GiaQuinta on House GOP priorities announcement: thunderous in its nothingness

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INDIANAPOLIS – Indiana House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) today issued the following response to the legislative priorities announced by Indiana House Republicans:

“The GOP priorities listed are the same ones that have been a part of Republican agendas stretching over the past three administrations: Cut spending at all costs in order to increase the surplus. When in doubt about what to cut, study and delay making any decisions…unless it comes to cutting taxes for big business.

“Republicans continue to talk about the same things: Maintaining an honestly balanced budget…as if our state Constitution doesn’t now require it. Education funding…which usually means more experimentation with the education-for-profit industry. Workforce development…which generally leads to additional tax credits for large corporations.

“Will any of this help Hoosiers? As we have seen in recent years, those who are in charge find it better to talk about such things, instead of working to find pragmatic solutions to real issues.

“House Democrats believe that there are immediate issues facing Indiana and that the time to talk is over.

“We need to increase pay for teachers now.

“We need to protect Hoosiers with pre-existing medical conditions now.

“We need to expand pre-K throughout the state now.

“We need to protect funding for our public schools now.

“We need to make the charter, voucher and virtual school programs accountable now.

“We need to pass a hate crimes law now.

“We need to reform the scandal-plagued DCS now.

“We need to reform our tired election system now.

“All of these things can be done. We should do them.”

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