GiaQuinta comments on near-total abortion ban going into effect

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Today, the Indiana GOP’s near-total abortion ban passed last summer in a rushed special session officially goes into effect. The Indiana Supreme Court decided on June 30 that the abortion ban was constitutional and today certified their decision after denying a petition for a rehearing.

“The fear and dread felt by so many as Roe was overturned has been actualized today,” House Democratic Leader Phil GiaQuinta (D-Fort Wayne) said. “Abortion is illegal in our state with very narrow exceptions. Doctors now risk penalties for using their best judgment to provide life-saving care, and Hoosier women and girls will pay for this with their health and their lives.

  “In the coming months, we will begin to hear horrifying stories from Hoosier women and doctors who will risk health, life and profession because of this dangerous and rash political game being played by Indiana Republicans. They have decided to use women and their families as pawns in a crusade to win over the fringes of their base. As we mourn today’s loss of liberty, tomorrow we’ll continue the fight to restore autonomy for all Hoosiers.”

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